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Daghestan Tur (Capra cylindricornis)

The Daghestan Tur has the thickest horns of all Capra species with the Kuban Tur a close second. It is endemic to the eastern part of the Greater…

Kuban Tur (Capra severtzovi)

The Kuban Tur is a massivly built ibex. (7) Together with the Dhagestan Tur, Asiatic and Walia ibex, it belongs to the largest Capra species. (4) Of all…

Nubian ibex (Capra nubiana)

The Nubian ibex is a species that has adapted to desert environments (2). It is one of the Capra species with maximum shoulder height, at the same time…

Walia ibex (Capra walie)

This species from Ethopia, is the most endangered in the genus Capra. [4] It is also the world’s southernmost occurring ibex. 

Alpine ibex (Capra ibex)

The Alpine ibex lives in the mountains of the European Alps. It’s conservation success story is unsurpassed.