Kategorie: Takins (Budorcas sp.)

Takins (Budorcas taxicolor)

The Takins (Budorcas taxicolor) – sometimes also called „cattle chamois“ or „gnu goat“ are four caprinae members found in the Eastern Himalayas, at the eastern margin of the…

Golden Takin (Budorcas t. bedfordi)

The Golden Takin has the most spectacular pelage colour of all four Takin subspecies. It is the neighbour of the Sichuan Takin to the east.

Sichuan Takin (Budorcas t. tibetana)

The Sichuan Takin is the neighbour of the Golden Takin to the west. Blotches of grey appear on its otherwise golden yellow pelage.

Bhutan Takin (Budorcas t. whitei)

The Bhutan Takin is the westernmost occurring Takin subspecies. It is similar to the Mishmi Takin.

Mishmi Takin (Budorcas t. taxicolor)

The Mishmi Takin is one of four subspecies of Budorcas – the „ox-gazelle“. The species name taxicolor refers to the coat colour of the American Badger (Taxidea taxus)….