Schlagwort: Ovis nivicola

Snow Sheep (Ovis nivicola)

The snow sheep is an endemit of Russia. It is most closely related to the North American Bighorn Sheep and Dall’s Sheep, with which they are being pooled…

Kamchatka Snow Sheep (O. n. nivicola)

The Kamchatka Sheep is probably the most renowned Snow Sheep, but maybe also the most threatened one.

Koryak Snow Sheep (O. n. koriakorum)

The Koryak Snow Sheep occurs north of Kamchatka. It is somewhat smaller than the Kamchatka race.

Yakut Snow Sheep (O. n. lydekkeri)

The Yakut Snow Sheep has the largest distribution range of all Snow Sheeps. There is still debate about further splitting this taxon.

Putorana Snow Sheep (O. n. borealis)

The Putorana Sheep is the most westerly subpopulation of the Snow Sheep. The  distribution area lies entirely north of the arctic circle.