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Mosor and Biokovo Mountains, Croatia

I went to Croatia between April 24th and 27th 2019. I had two days for Aoudad, one for Balkan Chamois and one morning for Mouflon.

Balkan Chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra balcanica)

The Balkan Chamois is a subspecies of the Alpine Chamois. In the former Yugoslav countries it is slowly recovering from the civil war (1991 to 2001).

Punjab Urial (Ovis vignei punjabiensis)

Punjab Urial are endemic to Pakistan and were once present over all northern Punjab Province, but have disappeared from much of their historic range. [2]

Bezoar Wild Goat (Capra aegagrus aegagrus)

– to be compiled

Sindh Wild Goat (Capra aegagrus blythi)

This subspecies occurs mainly in the Southwest of Pakistan, as well as in the south-eastern corner of Iran.

Asiatic ibex (Capra sibirica)

The Asiatic ibex (Capra sibirica) is one of the heavier members of the genus Capra. [3] 

Himalayan ibex (Capra sibirica sakeen)

Find below a series of photos of magnificent Himalayan Asian Ibex. 

Central Asian Ibex (Capra sibirica alaiana)

Find below a series of photos of magnificent Central Asian Ibex showing physical features, habitat, tracks, sculls, etc.

Altai Ibex (Capra sibirica sibirica)

Of the four subspecies of Siberian Ibex recognised by Fedosenko and Blank (2001) the Altai Ibex is the most northerly occurring.

Gobi Argali (Ovis ammon darwini)

Find below a series of photos of magnificent Gobi Argali.